Would you board a flight at this time? There are diehard travellers who would maybe on business or simply because their pre-booked flight remains operating and that they won’t get a refund.

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Whatever the reason, the flying experience is extremely different from those heady pre-COVID days when the liberty to interact was taken without any consideration .

So just how does one stay safe? Here are some common-sense tips and a touch of myth-busting thrown in to require on board

How will you get to the airport? Car vs Train
Jumping on a train is convenient but there’ll be others on the train with you and surfaces that a lot of hands will have touched. If it’s crowded it’ll be hard to social distance.

Getting there by car is safer (COVID-wise) especially if you’re driving yourself. If you’re being driven, keep the windows open and wear your mask.

Airport safety
Airports are hubs catering to people from round the world with many surfaces where COVID could also be living. However, there are hygiene protocols in situ . Everyone has got to wear a mask anywhere at the airport and rigorous social distancing measures are in situ . Betty Ianou travelled from Stansted Airport in July to Sweden with Ryanair. She said

I was anxious once I depart but once I need to the airport everyone was wearing their mask and socially distanced. Even the queue to check-in was orderly and relaxed.

Hand Luggage vs Checked-in Luggage
Travelling light with baggage only has its advantages. aside from not having to mill round the carousel with others in close-knit proximity, it’s the sole way you’ll make certain that you simply are the sole person to handle your luggage.

Interestingly the Department for Transport (DfT) advises travellers to check-in their luggage to “speed up boarding and disembarking”. Yet Ryanair CEO Michael O Leary disagrees. He asserts that taking baggage means there’ll be fewer hands touching your bags – no baggage handlers. this recommendation comes at a price the maximum amount of Ryanair’s income comes from checked-in luggage.


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